Woodbridge Holdings LTD offers its customers only the best-quality plywood produced on the most advanced and best-equipped mills that are located in regions that are naturally rich in birch woods.

We offer to our customers products birch plywood produced from veneer of the following grades: B, BB, CP, C.

Plywood from our mills can be used in the following domains:

  • Construction plywood
  • Interior and exterior design in the form sound-proofing and wall panels, window - sills, doors, facades design etc.
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding - finishing the interior of vessels, board, partition, deck and the seat
  • Packaging
  • Commercial, service and warehouse equipment
  • Children's furniture and playground equipment

This material is ideal for interior use as we use only MR (interior glue) in our plywood.

Technical specifications of veneer grades:
Standard sizes, mm – 1525x1525
Extra sizes, mm – 1525x1270, 1270x1525, 1270x1270
Standard thickness, mm – 3-18
Non-standard thickness, mm – 11, 11.9, 21, 25 and other upon request
Grading – B, BB, CP, C
Formaldehyde emission class - Е1, E0 (CARB CERTIFIED)

Grade B

Practically without defects, a few sound intergrown (up to 8mm) knots and insignificant brown veins are allowed more than 3 per m2.

Grade BB

Allows plugging on surface. Knots and other visible defects are plugged with veneer. Repaired defects are allowed not more than 8 pcs. per 1m2 of surface. Hearth and discoloration is allowed, not more 30% of surface, defects at the edges due to sanding or sawing are allowed up to 4 mm from the edge, glue penetration is allowed up to 2% of surface

Grade CP

Plywood panels of this grade are those rejected from BB. Repaired defects (inserts), double inserts, close splits, Irregularities in the structure of the wood and hearth and discoloration are allowed. Open splits are allowed for an individual max. length up to 600mm and width up to 5mm in number up to 5 per one panel’s running meter.

Grade C

All kinds of flaws are allowed. Knots are permitted in any quantities, only sound gluing is guaranteed.